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Data Preloading

Services - Laptop

A Flash Drive is a convenient data storage device that can have any type of data preloaded onto it. Popular data types include presentations, video, catalogues and general promo material.

When sending data digitally we advise that all files should be compressed into one folder using Zip software. Once received we will unzip the folder and preload the contents on to each Flash Drive. This procedure retains the folder structure as it was intended. The options for supplying your data are listed below:

Services - Duplicator
  • Send by email as a single zip folder (if data is below 10MB)
  • Use which can handle up to 2MB of data or Dropbox (
  • Use our FTP site (contact us for login details)
  • Email us a link to download the data from your own webspace
  • Send by post: You can post us your data on a CD/DVD/Blu-ray or USB Flash Drive/Portable Hard Drive to the address below:

Mint USB
Studio House, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate, Stockport, SK4 3EA

Interactive Menus

Services - Interactive

At Mint USB we can program your data to run off an interactive menu. Similar to using a CDROM or DVD, this allows the user to navigate through the content from a simple interface. This menu can be branded with your client’s corporate identity or any other graphic elements relevant to the Flash Drive’s content. Contact us for more information.

Volume Label

Services - Volume

When a disk is formatted a ‘volume name’ is assigned to the Flash Drive. This name can be customised to one of your choice (up to a maximum of eleven characters). This name will then display when the Flash Drive is inserted into a computer. Although not essential to the functionality of the USB Stick it’s a nice way to complete the branding of your product.

Auto-run Function

At present we do not offer an auto-run function on our Flash Drives. This is due to the fact that multiple OS updates on both PC and Mac have rendered the feature unreliable and in some cases unworkable. If and when things change we will re-evaluate the function.